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women in combat Essays (839 words) - Gender Studies, Women In Combat

Women in Combat Michael Cox 1st Hour 11-2-10 Women have played a tremendous roll in many countries armed forces from the past to the present. Women have thoroughly integrated into the armed forces; all positions in the armed forces should be fully accessible to women who can compete with men intellectually and physically. Yet, many argue that the distinction between combat and non-combat becomes blurred in the context of women warfare. In actuality, many women are assigned to jobs that will expose them to enemy attack, and this has been openly acknowledged by the top Pentagon officials. The United States Army has also recognized that women would be deployed in combat zones as an inevitable consequence of their assignments. This was confirmed in the following statement made by then Army Chief of Staff, General Bernad W. Rogers, ?Some people believe that women soldiers will not be deployed in the event of hostilities that they are only to be part-time soldier. Women are an essential part of the force; they will deploy with their units and they will serve in the skills in which they have been trained?. In the most powerful country in the world, the defense should not be taken lightly. Only the most qualified and strong people fight for the US. That is why I propose that women be allowed in combat If a woman is qualified and willing, she should not be denied the chance to defend her country ...especially if she possesses skills needed by the military... The military provides so many opportunities for men and women alike, so how can women be enthusiastic about their service if they know that females are being shut out of certain areas? First lets establish what exactly combat is. Combat equal active fighting with enemy forces. Congress has established that women are unfit to fight in a combat situation for several reasons. There is the obvious psychological differences men and women posess. Personal hygeine, and the physical aspects are also reasons. Another problem is that sexual urges come about when the two sexes are together. There is a long line of discrimination in the military and concerning women in history. Women were just given the right to vote not too long ago. Women have been constantly proving their equality to men by demonstrating their capabilities to do equal tasks. As far as the military is concerned, blacks werent allowed to join the military because they were said to be inferior. They proved the governments wrong and now black men are leaders in the army. Gay people are allowed in the military after much dispute, so long as they keep it private. Since it is established that blacks and gays are equal in the military, we are living in a society where women are holding high positions, in the supreme court, politics and those sorts of jobs. There is no reason that women should not be able to defend our country in combat. Women are allowed to use guns on the police force and also on the SWAT team. Military Police are often providing battlefield security, both male and female, called Combat Patrols.....Also, women and men are both trained in comba t arms in basic training for the military. There is no chance for women to utilize their skills, and I propose that women be allowed to be in combat if they wish. Granted, they pass physical tests, just as men do. There should be no more discrimination among sexes when it comes to national defense. Some interesting facts you may want to know are that 1 out of every 6 soldiers are women. Only 20% of the army is combat. If we included women in combat, that number could grow and we could have more qualified soldiers fighting for your safety. In conclusion, Women should be allowed in combat for service in the United states military . There is no reason why women should be discriminated against anymore, when given the chance, I am sure that Congress will realize that women may be just as qualified to defend, you, the citizens of the US.War has been a part of humanity almost as long as humanity itself. However, women at war have not been.

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