Thursday, July 25, 2019

Coverage Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Coverage - Assignment Example Little did Laing was sent to look for her. Bud a young teen sneezes and did not have a hand kerchief. Louis asks him to go and wash her face. Terrorists bumped in the dinner taking people in the dinner hostage. Sydney detects things are not right once she detects guys with machine guns. They hide with Laing where she appears to be Laing’s savior in a number of occasions. Louis decided to go and look for his daughter where he encounters with thugs and enters into a fight. He ended up being surviving gun wounds thanks to Sydney who called for Taffy to call the policemen (Thorp, 2012). COMMENTS: The script is not only quite scary but it possesses a number of essential teachings. Human consciousness is always live and right. Sydney was suspecting something bad was cooking since the beginning of the script. It is also evident that everyone no matter an adult or a child has the potential of saving people. Were it not Sydney who made efforts of contacting the police most probably the condition would become

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