Friday, July 26, 2019

Joan of Arc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Joan of Arc - Essay Example She participated in various war affairs for the separation of France from the powers of the English. She had a very persuasive personality as she was quite determined towards her aims and objectives and she was able to gather support of several individuals to fight for her cause (Twain XII). She was quite obviously an inspiring leader who led from the front and she participated in battles with great bravery and fearlessness. She did not depend on taking measures that were manipulative in nature; rather she was blunt and believed in action that was quite direct in nature. She faced life and death like a strong rock; she did not turn her back against her own army and instead fought to death when she was burned (Bunkers 89). Another great achievement of this Saint was the liberation of the region of Paris from the control of the English rule. During the battle she was badly injured and taken as captive by the Burgundies who were from the French race but were in support of the English rule. Later she was sold by this race of France in exchange of huge amount of money. She was regarded by her contemporaries as a heroine for her heroic activities during war and with her heroic nature she was able to persuade and lead others into attaining her objective of freeing France from the control of the English. For example during the war she was very seriously injured as an arrow slit through her neck, still she continue to be the in charge of the field and she kept fighting. Saint Joan of Arc has proven to be of utmost importance in current society than she was during her era. She was quite high in integrity and was very truthful which quite a missing element of current society is. This part of her personality was clearly highlighted by several literatures as they stated that Joan of the Arc was a person who always used to speak in a truthful manner even if the people liked it or not (Peterfy 159). Meeting

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