Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Core Value Of Social Work - 1025 Words

The first core value of social work is service. The purpose of service is to simply help those in need. It is our duty to find the help and support that individuals need in order to function properly, both individually and socially. Social workers have the ability to see potential in individuals and it is our job to help individuals find that potential. It is also our duty to address social issues. In order to do provide the services needed for individuals, social workers must use their own source of knowledge, values, and skills. Social workers will do all of these things willingly and with an open heart. With the service of a social worker, clients are also linked to other services. With having an interest in working with adoption†¦show more content†¦In our society, the most noticeable form of social injustice would be found in our diverse towns, communities, and schools. Our society fails to recognize all of the unfairness in the way different diversities are treated. According to Michael Reisch, part of the reason that our social injustice is not being resolved, is because everyone has a different definition of what social justice is or should be. Individuals are fitting their definition of social justice to match their historical circumstances, and their hegemonic values. The third core value is dignity and worth of the person. Social workers know that each individual has meaning and they strive to seek out the best in each individual. They respect the individual for who they are. Social workers realize there are cultural differences in societies. They care for each individual, as they should be cared for. They strive to better the client’s self-esteem and determination. They help clients to address their own needs and focus on new opportunities. They seek to resolve client conflicts using ethical standards, principles, and values. An article that I found regarding dignity and worth of a person is an article based on homelessness. This article did not fail to point out that maintaining dignity, as a homeless person, is a difficult task to do. Dignity allows individuals to feel self-worth. â€Å"Invalidation of dignity led to feelings of worthlessness, passivity, and depression† (Miller).

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