Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Analyzing the poem First Love. Essay -- English Literature

Analyzing the poem First Love. First Love I will be analyzing a poem called First Love, the poem was written by John Clare, who was born on July 13, 1793 and died on May 20, 1864. The poem is about the poets first love. The poem has three stanzas and eight lines in each stanza, there is twenty-four lines altogether. The poem rhythms, it goes in A,B A,B form, for example Hour rhythms with flower and sweet rhythms with complete. It is in first person, because it uses a lot of I, for example †I could not see a single thing† or â€Å"I never saw so sweet a face†. From the title we can see that the poet was never in love before. In the first line of the first stanza it says, â€Å"I ne’er was struck before that hour†, this line tells us that the poet was never struck with so much love for a person ever in his life. In the second line it says ,†With love so sudden and so sweet†, this line tells us that the poet fell in love so suddenly, this line has aliteration, e.g â€Å"so sudden and so sweet†. In the third line it says, â€Å"Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower†, this line tells us that the poet was shooked and dazzeled by the girls face, and he compares it with a flower. In the forth line it says, â€Å"And stole my heart away complete†, this line tells us that the girls face was so enlightening for the poet, that his heart was taken away by the girls face. This line also has personification,†And stole my heart†, the poet is taking about the face of the girl, and a face can’t steal a heart. In the fifth line it says, â€Å"My face turned pale as deadly pale†, this line tells us that the poets face turned as pale as it can get. This line also has a simile, for example â€Å"pale as deadly pale†. In the sixth line it ... ...nd he wants the reader to tell him. In the third line it says, â€Å"She seemed to hear my silent voice†, this line tells us that he thinks she can hear his thoughts. In the forth, fifth and sixth line it says, â€Å"And love’s appeal to know, I never saw so sweet a face As that I stood before:†, this line tells us that, never in his life did he saw a face so sweet, and that they were standing face to face. In the seventh and eighth line it says, â€Å"My heart has left its dwelling place And can return no more†, this line tells us that his heart has been broken, and it will not return to its rightful place. This stanza tells us that he has become confused and he dies. My conclusion is that it is a good poem, where the poet uses simple english, so anyone can understand it. I think people who are into love and romance will get pleasure from this poem very much.

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