Saturday, September 14, 2019

Reading the Sopranos

What has Carmela ever done for Feminism'? Introduction Feminism in a simple definition refers to women's movements, and feminism is a subject that is on going which has become a forum for debate in relation to television and film. My main focus will be feminism in the television series ‘The Sopranos' which will be used as a case study to examine the theory of feminism plus psychoanalysis and how it's inflicted on the screen.An academic book that I have selected will allow me to approach feminism in ‘The Sopranos' and I have also picked a certain chapter room the book â€Å"Reading The Sopranos' Edited by David Leaver, chapter 3 What has Carmela ever done for Feminism'? Carmela Soprano and the Post-Feminist Dilemma. This book will allow me to tackle the issues on feminism and psychoanalysis by using the case study and relevant examples.Feminism is seen as a form of defending women's rights and making them equal with men, and Carmela attempts to oppose this on Tony by stat ing that she's not asking for fifty/fly Just some support, â€Å"I'm not saying fifty/fifty, but Jeez† (Leaver, 2006. PAP). Carmela might blame Tony for the way she is Just a mother and housewife. Although if we look at this from a Marxist point of view they suggest that it's not about men, it's about the upper class. They are the reason for inequality and the reason why women and men are oppressed. Doesn't anything ever change? â€Å", Carmela isn't happy with the way things are she's indirectly implying she wants more a career, to be able to work, although can't have it because of her husband. Carmela Soprano isn't asking to be the same as Tony, however Just some rights to give her a break, she contradicts herself as states she's no feminist but wants some rights. Carmela doesn't trust feminism that much as she relies on her husband, and has been dependent on him and doesn't know what to do.She finds herself in a confusing position in terms of her life style as feminism ha s been given an unpleasant label by the media institutions makes her feel weary whether she should be a feminist or not. Carmela superficially strongly rejects that feminism is an elitist practice but she secretly inside believes that it is an elitist practice, the reason she rejects this is because she knows she will never be that so finds comfort in rejecting. That's why here is a slight envious feel for her daughter, Meadow who might Just be on her way to her mother's dreams.Psychoanalysis developed by Sigmund Freud is the behavior of people, the drives of the unconscious. Tony and Carmela often suppress things and let them slide through to the unconscious suppressing their emotions. Psychoanalysis asserts that the lead to the development of adult emotional problems. (do in my own words and relate it to Corpsman feminism psychoanalysis) In ‘The Sopranos' we are presented with different types of women in regards to feminism.To some degree women are vital in demonstrating and driving the reiterative forward, as without them the concept changes in terms of genre and other aspects such as storyline as it will Just be a bunch of criminal men. Feminism has always been a key factor in such gangsters films such as ‘The Sopranos', ‘Godfather' (1972) directed by Francis Ford Copula, and ‘Godlessly' (1990) directed Martin Scores including many more as women play a crucial role as they reveal the men's persona away from the criminal, adulterous activities in their daily lives.Carmela Soprano married to Tony Soprano is aware of Tony's activities that he undertakes with his fellow friends, including his business that consists of a strip club named â€Å"Bad Being†. Tony is involved in what would be called organized crime and adultery, which Carmela knows about, however it seems that Carmela is refusing to accept what Tony does yet she doesn't refuse the lifestyle as well as money considering where it comes from.She attempts to balance the b ad aspects of her life by doing charitable deeds for friends, the priest, however she ends up contradicting herself. When she indirectly threaten a women (name, episode and series) to write a commendation letter to a college for her daughter, Meadow. ( quote from the book) Gangsters films compose of a similar narrative that is driven by set codes and conventions. Films that are similar to ‘The Sopranos' are ‘LA confidential',goodwill's' and the ‘Godfather' they all share similar qualities when talking about feminism.Having read the book based on Carmela Soprano, she appears as a confused character that isn't too sure of what she wants, she's an indecisive person. Carmela is in compromise as she chose this lifestyle, â€Å"but Carmela is no victim† (Leaver, 2006. PAP) there's no doubt about that she's not a victim. Carmela appears as a victim, although everything she does she does willing and with thought behind it.

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