Friday, September 13, 2019

E-Business Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

E-Business Systems - Essay Example The mission statement of Reebok includes two very significant aspects; Through online retailing Reebok is indeed trying to reach nearer the customer and igniting the passion for more purchases. Listening to the requirements of the time and IT era, Reebok has indeed put in lot of successful efforts to make the online retailing site more customer friendly. Reebok has earned a name for itself in the field of sporting goods and sponsorships, therefore to maintain the leading brand identity requires investments with adaptive and corrective actions at crucial junctures. E-business is just one such step. It can be safely said that, 'Information is power! It is an asset that can help overcome the glorious uncertainties and opens new avenues for doing business. Marketing, plays a crucial role in this entire business process. For an effective marketing strategy psychological needs of the customer(s) are to be kept in mind. These needs must be met in order for a person to be persuaded to purchase a product or service. E-business is no exception. Here the website visitor is persuaded to close the deal successfully by following a five step strategy. This can be done with building trust and confidence by meeting the psychological marketing needs of that visitor and potential customer while escorting that visitor through the selection and purchasing process. These five levels of the sales process are the core components that will move a website viewer from visitor to customer or client. The five levels are; Marketing/Prospecting to the Target Market and Audience: Prospecting is the result of marketing. It's the delivery of targeted qualified traffic to the company's virtual storefront. This can be achieved by search engine optimization, pay per clicks, or advertisements that draw people to the company's site. Once they are there it is the job and responsibility of the company to deliver its Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Though Reebok doesn't appear to be making frantic efforts towards attracting the audience from all around, but once they are in the virtual store, there's lot for the customer to have a look at, different varieties, technologies that are being used in designing the shoes, video bites of sporting personalities etc. Building Credibility and Trust - (viewer needs this to move forward): In a brick and mortar business trust is built by human interaction. Greeting a person when they walk in the door or physically helping them find something that they are looking for, helps in business propositions. For a virtual store the company is supposed to make sure that the site appears to be trustworthy, it has a professional appearance. The company is also supposed to know how long does it take to open the web-page How easy is it navigating through (i.e. user friendly links and

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