Thursday, October 3, 2019

Adult Learning Today Essay Example for Free

Adult Learning Today Essay Summary Adult learning has become the number one priority in everyone’s lives. The motivation and drive that is brought on by dreams and goals is phenomenal. Adult learners must be motivated to want to further their education. â€Å"Back in the 20th century various individuals, such as John Dewey, Eduard Lindeman, and Martha Anderson all pursued theories about Andragogy which was first used by Alexander Kapp in 1833† (Abela J, 2009). Andragogy means man and was used to describe the educational theory of the Greek philosopher Plato. Adults engaging in continuing education were studied in this theory. Andragogy assumes that â€Å"adults are independent, have various experiences, are motivated by internal drives, and integrate their learning into everyday life† (Abela J, 2009). It is easier to learn and teach when it is something that is well known. This article covers Andragogy learning theory because it is used now a day more than ever. The drive that keeps continuing education is oneself. The drive to motivation is based off of the Hierarchy of needs: self-actualization, esteem needs, social needs, safety needs, and physiological needs. The role of educators is the catalyst for motivation. It is easier to learn when the person teaching is knowledgeable and cares about the education aspects. However, reflection and motivation are insufficiently addressed by this concept. Learning activities should address the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to what is needed to become knowledgeable in retaining the information. Feedback when learning new information becomes an important role so that one may know whether the information is being comprehended as well as being retained for further use. Adults find motivation within the demands and desires of their lives, in providing for themselves and for their families, and in satisfying personal dreams and ambitions. Motivation may also come from inside a person or the surrounding environment. In everyday life as well as in the work aspects furthering education is the best way to stay up to date. Andragogy is a great theory and is used in everyday life more than realized. Reflection By looking into the reasoning behind all my motivation there are the answers I have always tried to find. What am I working towards? For who? I am an adult learner and motivation is key to my life and what I want out of it. Motivation is my drive to furthering my own education. Andragogy actually describes me perfectly. I am motivated, independent, and I apply all my knowledge to everyday life. It helps greatly when professors and educators actually work with you and help you better understand the information being taught versus just being a â€Å"teacher† for the money. I feel as if teachers online especially have lost sight of the education aspects. Left out from the summary Andragogy is a popular theory used in medical education. Theory works perfectly into my life even though I am a Business major; I also have the drive to help the elderly, so I am a certified nursing assistant. My professors have been there for me and helped me greatly. My learning style is independent much like Andragogy but, I also have to apply everything I learn into everyday life or I won’t be able to retain all the information given. Motivation is the key to anything you want to achieve in life and motivation is what keeps me going during the long work weeks and the long school hours. If one concept doesn’t work then move onto another concept until the learning style clicks. In this article the medical field and this adult learning theory works exceptionally well. Although this may be just another theory, it is of great importance to the adult learners furthering their education. We can better understand the world around us and how things are done if we understand how to retain the information given. As a full-time student, young mom, and full-time worker, online education has been more than helpful. It is my motivation to finish my associates, then finish out with my bachelors, and move forward to the next steps in my life. They say, â€Å"You can’t teach an old dog new tricks†, teach things the first time and use all concepts needed and you will soon achieve life goals. By furthering your education you may open up doors and opportunities you would not have gotten if you had not decided to go to school. Education is the best decision you could make for yourself as well as to make the world a better place by being educated. Works Cited Abela, J. (2009). Adult learning theories and medical education: a review. Malta Medical Journal, 21(1), 11-18. Merriam S (2008). Adult Learning Theory for the Twenty-First Century. Pg. 119.

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