Friday, October 4, 2019

Analyzing Advertisements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Analyzing Advertisements - Essay Example Tommy Hilfiger and Guess? by Marciano are two high-end clothing lines that use a strong image and theme to sell their brands, both of them memorable, but both completely different from one another. In this way, both Tommy Hilfiger and Guess? become strongly associated with their respective themes, which creates their image and brands as distinctive and compelling. The first ad campaign is for Tommy Hilfiger. One campaign is a commercial for the 2011 spring line (tommyhilfiger). The other campaign that will be analyzed for Hilfiger is his ad campaign for the fall of 2010 (AndreDouglasFanClub). The Tommy Hilfiger ad for his spring 2011 line features a fake family of Hilfigers. Each member of the family identifies themselves by name, and, after they each introduce themselves, there is a little girl who says â€Å"and we are the Hilfigers.† The â€Å"family† features two black men, a dark man who appear Hispanic or Italian, several WASPY women, two men with longish hair who look like 1970s throwbacks, and two children – a boy with crazy curly hair, and a young girl dressed in a coat. The ad unmistakably attempts to tie these people together as a family, and a wealthy family at that. The cast of characters are seen throughout the ad, in different, stylish clothing that usually marries something super casual, like a striped gol f shirt, under something more formal, like a blazer. They are unmistakably at a country club, as they are playing games like ping pong and tennis. Meanwhile, there are bikinied women around playing the games with the Hilfigers. There is also another man, unidentified, who has a high afro and is joining in the fun. There are even two dogs, two basset hounds, presumably the family dogs. Throughout the commercial, new people are introduced, and they all have the same look - casual, mixed with formal elements, usually wearing sunglasses. Blazers with with a crisp white shirt mixed

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