Thursday, October 17, 2019

Employee Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Employee Selection - Essay Example Mt. Sinai Hospital, an institution I work for, Is a healthcare organization located in New York and has a bed capacity of 1171, 2510 physicians, and 2278 nurses (Mount Sinai, 2015). Its mandate is provision of high quality healthcare services that meets the needs of its diverse clientele. Its ability to achieve high levels of quality can be construed as been attributed to a reliable and authentic employee selection process and performance appraisal. During the employee selection process, it is important to note that managers usually stand to gain a hit or miss. These hits and misses, as stipulated by Bohlander and Scott (2010), usually form the overall goal of the selection criteria. The employee selection process defines a hit as the most accurate prediction of hiring an employee who turns out to be unsuccessful on the job while a miss is the most inaccurate prediction of missing on to hire an employee who might have turned out to be successful while on the job (Bohlander & Scott, 2 010). Having worked in the nursing field for some time now, I have come to realize the importance of employee selection and performance appraisal as it ultimately determines the success or failure of an organization. This is in regards to the fact that, recruitment of qualified employees is imperative for the achievement of projected outcomes, particularly in achieving high levels of quality in care provision. Though recruitment and selection of employees is the overall responsibility of the human resource department

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